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Creekstone Log Homes strives to offer exceptional service to make your new home or weekend cabin project as quick and easy as possible at a significant cost savings over our competition. Throughout the process of designing, financing, purchasing and building your new log home, we are here for you, ensuring your satisfaction. We are not builders, we are an authorized dealer for Lincoln Logs International, but we will work with you, your builder or contractor to design and build your log home to meet or exceed your expectations. We can recommend builders that are experienced with Lincoln Log homes to build your home “in the dry”, erecting the log walls, roof, doors and windows or build your complete home. Compare price, quality and design and call us anytime with your questions or comments. We can deliver anywhere in the U.S. If you encounter problems with any part of our website please call so we can correct the problem.
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Cut above most log home kits.
Founded in Kannapolis, North Carolina in 1974, Lincoln Log Homes is proud of its heritage as a family-owned and operated business. Lincoln Logs International has 33 years experience bringing customer’s quality designs and material and is known as an industry leader in supplying log kits. Every Lincoln Log home begins, not only with quality log materials and log craftsmanship, but with commitment. The experienced professionals at Lincoln Logs International are committed to providing the best service to every log home customer, every step of the way. Lincoln Logs International, LLC, provides much more than just standard log home kits; we take log home plans to the next level, producing beautiful, traditional, and contemporary log homes. Plus, our log home kits are easy to build. Lincoln Logs International, LLC, offers quality log construction with superior energy efficiency in standard and custom log homes with a sleek, classic expression. Our log home plans symbolize a simplified life in harmony with nature.  Our log home kits, featuring 50 standard log home models, are manufactured on-site in our thirty-one acre Kannapolis facility. We also specialize in custom log home designs. The kits include the precision pre-cut logs, exposed log ceiling joists for first floor if you purchase a two story kit, assembly hardware, weather-stripping and complete house plans. Lincoln Logs International chooses only to supply what is not readily available at your local retailer to save you money. The house plans include - the elevation views, foundation detail, fireplace (if in plan), S.B.C. conditions, stacking sheet for erecting the logs, roofing detail, window detail, interior floor plan, electrical, plumbing, porches and decks.  
Why purchase a log home?
  • BACK TO NATURE LIVING – escape the city norm and get back to nature.

  • GREATER SAVINGS IN HEATING AND COOLING – 8” thick logs use their thermal mass to improve energy efficiency. Industry studies have shown log homes are more efficient than well insulated conventional homes.

  • STRUCTURAL STRENGTH – log homes have been known to stand up to hurricanes. Pound for pound logs are stronger than steel.

  • MOST COST EFFECTIVE – gives you many construction options, depending on how involved you want to be. Your home can be as much as 20% less than conventional houses if acting as owner/contractor.

  • GREATER RESELL VALUE – log homes can be more attractive to buyers due to lower availability and are increasing in popularity.
Authorized Lincoln Log Homes Dealers